Watercare NCU Project

It is always a rewarding feeling when Controlweb is approached by a business specifically for our area of expertise. This was the case with Watercare in their Network Controls Upgrade (NCU) project.

Back In 2014, we were approached by Watercare to be part of project team for the NCU Project Stage 2. That was the upgrade of 350 Watercare facilities ranging from water quality monitoring cabinets, to the Mangatangi Dam and Hydro. The project involved the implementation of a new set of control systems developed 2 years ago as part of NCU Stage 1.


What We Did…

Controlweb was part of a team that consisted of 4 other control systems contractors. We were approached specifically for our expertise with the Wonderware System Platform software package and our experience with Kingfisher RTUs.

The NCU project entailed a complete overhaul of the original control system with an enormous scope, it included:

  • Replacing existing obsolete hardware such as the Motorola MOSCAD RTUs with Kingfisher Series 3 RTUs and changing GE MDS radios to Schneider-Electric Trio Radios.
  • Reverse engineering and development of RTU software with the implementation of RTU software standards.
  • Replacing the existing SCADA software with Wonderware InTouch and integrating GE iFix to the Wonderware System Platform, with implementation of SCADA software standards.
  • Migration to a virtual control system network.
  • Migration to a new high speed microwave radio backhaul network.

Controlweb was responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of the SCADA system during the project, this included:

Developing over 500 standard object templates using the Watercare standards and requirements for use within Watercare’s various facilities and equipment.

This large scale project was fascinating to be involved with. It is great to know that we are contributing to the longevity of vital community facilities and making our city a better place to live.