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Wouldn’t it be great if there was a professional team of highly qualified engineers that specialises in innovative and creative solutions?

Luckily there is.

The Controlweb team service the New Zealand and to a lesser extent (but only for the moment), Australia, creating positive results and efficiencies for every project we work on.

Whether your equipment or systems need automation, streamlining, fault prevention or added efficiencies, we have the solution for you.

We see every task, challenge and project as an opportunity, and our team has the experience and ability to successfully deliver creative engineering solutions, such as:

Our automation skills:

  • Process automation – PLC, SCADA, DCS
  • Plant floor to business system integration
  • Telemetry and RF networks
  • RFID design and implementation
  • Software application development
  • Hardware and software integration

 Our management skills:

  • Computerised Maintenance Management System implementation
  • Business analysis
  • Business case development
  • Project management
  • Total asset life cycle financial planning

Our skilled engineers are experienced in managing, designing and commissioning systems from the ground up. Together we form a team that provides vertical integration solutions from the factory floor to the boardroom. 

Our project management skills complement our technical skills to ensure our projects are completed on target, within budget and have the best chance of success. 

Through proper documentation of desired business outcomes, communication with stakeholders and adherence to project procedures, we work hard to provide our clients with tangible business benefits. 

As a team, we have extensive knowledge of the industrial automation and control arena, across a number of industries including:

  • Food and beverage
  • Mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Water and wastewater
  • Laboratory automation

Because of our collective knowledge of this wide range of industries we can implement a solution that won’t compromise your underlying process principles. 

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help you or your business. 

our mission

To help our customers manufacture and operate more efficiently and effectively with quality automation and management.

our philosophy

Quality workmanship brings quality customers.

Our Team

Meet Our Experts

Quintin Smart

Quintin Smart


MIPENZ (Electrical) 

Quintin is a specialist in formulating control systems and automation. He has 17 years of experience in the delivery of control systems and electrical projects. He spent six years in the water and wastewater industry, three years in the brewing industry and eight years in the Petro-Chemical industry.

Some of Quintin’s more notable projects:

  • Formulating the control systems and electrical strategy for Watercare Services.
  • Instigation and project formation of the Upper Mangatawhiri Mini Hydroelectric Plant.
  • Network Security Upgrade for Watercare Services Ltd, segregating the control system networks from corporate by two levels across a multitude of geographical disparate sites.
  • Design of modular, cost-effective remote terminal units for the monitoring of field values, integrated into the main SCADA system and historian using GPRS technology.
  • Electrical upgrade of the Ardmore Water Treatment Plant.
  • Automation of a 1500 Hl brew house using batch software. This included an 11% improvement on cycle time and an automated manufacturing execution system.
  • Automation of an Ammonia storage and distribution centre onto DCS for AECI Modderfontein.

Quintin has also been involved in projects where the automation was used by external systems to enhance total plant performance:

Pump station optimisation – Algorithms were developed to calculate the efficiency of each individual pump set. The most efficient pump set was assigned the first duty, ensuring maximum efficiency during operation. Dynamic head loss calculations were also implemented and it was found that by manipulating start and stop set points, fewer pumps could run for a longer period of time.

The result – significant energy savings with no loss in performance

Brewhouse optimisation – An automated system was developed where the planned production schedule was uploaded into a database. Brew batches were automatically posted based on certain process and business rules. Lost time due to operators not being at the control terminal has been eliminated.

The result – A significant increase in plant productivity.




BEng Tech

David is proficient in a wide range of process systems, developing strategies from an initial customer specification through to implementation and commissioning.

He has six years experience developing automation solutions for control systems and telemetry applications and has worked in the water, wastewater, oil and gas industries both in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

David is also experienced in both the detailed design of hardware and software for automation systems

Some of David’s more notable projects:

  • Control system migration from PLC to DeltaV DCS for the Huia and Ardmore water treatment plants.
  • SCADA and telemetry upgrades for Watercare Services pump stations including the design and commissioning of local panel mounted InTouch SCADA nodes.
  • Automation, MCC and electrical design of Thermal Hydrolysis Plant for a major wastewater treatment station in Aberdeen, Scotland.
  • Various Telemetry upgrade projects for Thames Water, England.
  • Implementation of an HMI and control system for a Shell GTL plant. As part of this project, he automated the creation of over 2000 graphics and typical control modules for the Honeywell Experion PKS Platform.
Raoul Viljoen

Raoul Viljoen



Raoul uses his 20 years of commissioning, design, project and operational management experience to direct and deliver multi-disciplinary projects in a number of sectors and countries.

Recent operational management in the Telecommunications sector is particularly relevant to facilities projects where Raoul was responsible for a number of large complexes in New Zealand, including around 12,000 m2 of Datacenter and telecommunication equipment space and supporting infrastructure.

This period saw the implementation of a number of highly intrusive infrastructure projects in an environment that needed to continue operating 24×7.

Four years of capital and strategic planning in the Water and Wastewater sector, 5 years managing an IT team and 5 years commissioning, designing and project managing industrial installations also contribute to Raoul’s broad management and technical experience.

The following projects reflect some key implementation experiences and sector competencies:

  • Systems projects, including a Computerised Maintenance Management System for Spark New Zealand, two SAP implementations and a quality tracking system implementation for the South African Breweries.
  • Operational management initiatives, including the negotiation of multi-year maintenance management contracts, energy supply contracts and organisational restructuring in a corporate demerger.
  • Communications and control technology projects, including the replacement and upgrade of radio telecommunications networks and control & automation systems in the Auckland water and wastewater infrastructure.
  • Multi-disciplinary facilities projects, including the construction of two 300 rack Tier 3 datacenters and a number of smaller data centers. Diesel generator, central chiller, large UPS and DC systems implementations in an operational telecommunications infrastructure.
  • Industrial control projects, including the replacement of a brewing batch control system in Africa, materials handling for a steel mill in Qatar, and the design, installation and commissioning of specialised high voltage Static VAR Compensator controller with a German project team. Other industrial projects include the electrical, control system and instrumentation replacement of a cement ball mill, a steel temper mill and the greenfields installation of a cement roller press mill.
  • Programme management relating to multiple concurrent ‘Business as Usual’ projects for New Zealand’s largest Telco.

Raoul holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and a Master of Business Administration, alongside a Diploma in Project Management. He is a registered member of the Institute of Professional Engineers of New Zealand.

Martin Ma

Martin Ma


ME Mechatronics, BE (Hons.) Mechatronics

Martin has had 9 years experience working in the engineering profession, primarily dealing with water and wastewater industries but more recently has been branching into the petro-chemical and power industries.

He has comprehensive knowledge of Aveva’s (formerly Wonderware) System Platform SCADA package; experience gained through several major projects involving upgrading council SCADA systems from older systems such as iFix, Citect and InTouch to System Platform or more commonly ArchestrA.

In addition to his SCADA expertise, he has worked extensively with Kingfisher RTUs and Allen-Bradley PLCs. And is very familiar with many common industrial protocols such as DNP3, ABCIP, Modbus, etc.

Major projects include:

  • Development and commissioning SCADA systems for Greymouth Petroleum Ltd.
  • Development and implementation of a comprehensive reporting system (Dream Reports) and manual data entry system for production and efficiency reporting.
  • Development and commissioning of council water and wastewater SCADA systems to System Platform; including Hauraki District Council, Palmerston North City Council, Christchurch City Council and Watercare (Auckland City Council).
  • Software development and commissioning of water and wastewater facilities for Watercare and other private civil contractors using Kingfisher RTUs and Allen-Bradley PLCs.
  • Investigation of DNP3 viability for Christchurch City Council telemetry network.
Stephen Price

Stephen Price

Allan Graham

BE Mechatronic (Hons)

Allan has 8 years experience in the Engineering profession; working on a broad range of projects both in New Zealand and abroad in the UK.

Allan’s extensive experienced includes implemention of AVEVA’s System Platform SCADA and PLC (Rockwell Allen-Bradley family) software design work – stemming from a varied selection of projects.

Allan has worked extensively with Allen-Bradley PLCs and is very familiar with many common industrial protocols such as DNP3, ABCIP, Modbus, etc.

Major projects include:

  • PLC and SCADA development of a new membrane Wastewater plant in Te Kauwhata
  • PLC software modifications, SCADA design and commissioning for multiple gas production plants in New Plymouth for Greymouth Petroleum
  • SCADA upgrade design and commissioning from AVEVA InTouch to System Platform for Waikato District Council.
  • Addition of new sites to Christchurch City Council’s System Platform SCADA system and commissioning of 25 lift pump stations containing Flygt Pump Controllers and Moxa RTUs
Konrad Seyfarth

Konrad Seyfarth


BEng (Hons.) Mechatronics

Certificate Project Management

Konrad qualified as a toolmaker and has 10 years’ experience in a high-tech CNC machining environment where he gained valuable management and organizational skills in addition to his main activities of Design, CNC programming, Manufacturing and Quality Control.

In 2012 Konrad enrolled at Curtin University in Perth WA, for the 4-year Mechatronic Engineering degree, followed by a post-graduate Certificate in Project Management, also at Curtin. Konrad’s final year “Assisted Finger Orthosis” project won first prize in the 2015 Curtin Commercial Innovation award.

Since joining ControlWeb, Konrad has gained hands-on experience and knowledge from working alongside industry experts, as a control system engineer.

Over the last two and a half years Konrad has become proficient in DeltaV and has been involved in various projects, including:

  • Development and commissioning of a control system at the new Warkworth water treatment plant
  • Development, implementation and integration of the new de-sludging system at Ardmore water treatment plant, including the migration from their old system on the live plant
  • Improvements to the control system software from upgrades at Waikato water treatment plant
Tim Boorman

Tim Boorman


BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Tim has had 3 years experience working in the engineering profession, primarily dealing with power and water reticulation industries in Taranaki and Edgecumbe.

He has intermediate knowledge of Aveva’s (formerly Wonderware) System Platform SCADA package; experience gained through several major projects involving upgrading SCADA systems from older systems such as iFix and InTouch to System Platform(ArchestrA) and many smaller projects that added to existing control systems’ SCADA and PLC software.

In addition to his SCADA expertise, he has worked extensively with Allen-Bradley PLCs and is very familiar with many common industrial protocols such as DNP3, ABCIP, Modbus, etc.

Major projects include:

  • Development and commissioning SCADA systems for Nova Energy in Edgecumbe and Taranaki.
  • Software development and commissioning of an anti-icing control system using Rockwell’s Allen-Bradley CompactLogix PLCs.
  • Re-designing and commissioning of a small water treatment plant near New Plymouth, Taranaki used by Nova Energy to provide water to a nearby power plant.
  • Migration of existing HV switching control indication to SCADA systems in Taranaki for multiple smaller sites under Nova Energy’s scope of control.

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