Ardmore Sludge Thickening

Sludge thickening is not a term that you hear every day. But, it is a major component in helping water treatment facilities to continually produce the treated water they are meant to.

So, when Watercare were looking to upgrade their Ardmore facility, an upgrade of their sludge thickening system was required to provide greater capacity and resilience. Controlweb was engaged to engineer the control system software and integrate it into the existing plant.


What We Did…

This was an interesting project to work on as the plant was still operational at the time.

The entire physical plant was a new design, however, some equipment such as tanks and pipework were repurposed. In a plant that needed to remain operational throughout the commissioning process, careful attention to staging and integration of software was essential.

Controlweb designed a system where migrated equipment could be tested and commissioned while the existing equipment would remain in operation. Once tested, the new system ran parallel or in conjunction with the existing system until all areas were successfully migrated.

The result was successful and the clients were very pleased with the outcomes. The commissioning was completed within time and budget, without any process interruption.

Now the Ardmore water plant can stay on top of the sludge thickening process, among all the other aspects of the treatment process.